Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC

Speaking up for you, standing up for Britain

A Manifesto For Our Community

Putting Country and Community First

What I Believe In Has Never Wavered

What motivates me and has always motivated me as a politician, is principled co-operation in the interests of the common good, not personal power seeking, partisanship or tribalism. I was first elected as your Conservative MP in 1997, having been a Conservative Councillor in Hammersmith and campaigned as the Conservative candidate in Lambeth Norwood, both areas with poverty and deprivation next to wealth.  I first joined the Conservative Party in 1972.

Now, I am standing again as a candidate in this election after 22 years serving you as your representative in Parliament and seeking to help solve your individual problems irrespective of your political alignment. But I could not and would not stand as a Conservative candidate, even if that Party wanted me to do so, as I believe that the policies being recklessly pursued by Boris Johnson, in relation to Brexit, directly threaten the wellbeing of every resident of this constituency.

Above all those policies threaten the break up of the union of nations which constitutes the United Kingdom, in which I strongly believe and which I am and have always been committed to uphold and defend.

I still hold those ‘One Nation’ values that I saw in the Conservative party all those years ago. The very same things that mattered to me then, still matter to me now. But those values are no longer being promoted by the Conservative Party.

Leadership Requires Trust

I hold the view that Boris Johnson, as a man and as a political leader, cannot be trusted. He is careless of the truth and has a long and well-proven track record of lying. This ranges from fabricating quotes when he worked as a journalist, to creating his own statistics during the 2016 referendum about money that would notionally have been available for the NHS after Brexit.

Most recently he has peddled patent untruths in trying to explain not allowing the publication of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament’s report on the threat from Russia. He has also insisted his Brexit “deal” will not create a border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain when even his own Brexit minister accepts that it will.

This makes it impossible to rely on what he says. He has shown that he does not respect our Constitution or the Rule of Law and acts without consideration for the consequences. He is simply unsuitable to be the Prime Minister of this country and particularly not at this critical time in our history.

The Corbyn Question – Is The Honour And Safety Of Our Nation At Risk?

Does my rejection of Boris Johnson mean that I would support Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister? Absolutely not. A Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, would be equally unacceptable to me. Mr Corbyn has shown us, by his extreme socialist economic policies and his support of foreign governments and regimes such as Russia and Venezuela, that his interests are not motivated by the greater good of the United Kingdom. His refusal to accept that Russia was responsible for the Salisbury poisoning and his tolerance of anti-Semitism and bullying in his own party shows that he too is unfit for office.

I am equally as committed to ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn has no possibility of entering Downing Street as Prime Minister as I am to ensuring that Boris Johnson cannot cause any further damage to our country. If elected I will do everything I can to prevent this, even in the case of a hung Parliament.

The Independent Case – Putting Country And Community First

In standing, now as an Independent candidate, for election as your MP, it has been very heartening to find that I am being given personal support from right across the spectrum of British politics. I am grateful to the Liberal Democrats for their support, which arises from a shared perspective on the seriousness of the crisis facing our country as a result of Brexit and the urgent need to find a way forward without allowing further damage to the country we love. I am also grateful to the many constituents pledging their support to me who have in the past voted for other parties or indeed may have believed that there was no point in voting here at all.

As an Independent MP I will be free to operate without constraint of the Party whip. I also know that the personal welfare of all our people and the common good of our country can only be promoted by co-operation with others. Co-operation has always been my aim in everything I have done in politics. I will always support what I think to be right and do so with integrity.

Today, as an Independent candidate I am offering a new choice and a new opportunity on December 12th. A chance to reaffirm your support for principled moderate politics. An opportunity to help protect our country from the human, social and economic damage being done to it. This time your vote will really matter.

I have set out below, in this Manifesto, what I see as the key challenges we face locally, nationally and internationally.  I also outline how I believe that they might best be addressed.

Whatever the challenges might be, I am full of energy and determination and I have confidence that our country, this constituency and all of us who have its best interests at heart can make choices for our collective good. The same principles that were important to me in the beginning of my political journey are still as important to me now.

The United Kingdom is a place that successive generations have made a unique and special place by their endeavours and I want to help build on it.

This why I am asking for your vote on December 12th.

Thank you,