Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC

Speaking up for you, standing up for Britain

Immigration – Filling The Vacancies To Deliver Growth

Without immigration we would have even more nurse vacancies in hospitals, and fewer GPs. Buildings would take longer to build without the skilled construction workers we need. Our economic growth would be held back. It is obvious to anyone using public services in our community that immigration helps maintain our services and care system and makes an important and positive contribution to our community.

It is clear that leaving the EU will not drive any reduction in immigration. Immigration from the EU has declined since Brexit, but non-EU immigration is rising, despite our ability to control it. In promising to reduce immigration it is unclear how the government proposes to achieve this and maintain economic growth.

I favour sensible measures for reducing immigration, including the improved education of our own citizens to take up the skilled job opportunities that currently cannot be filled domestically.