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Local Councils

Your Local Council and Councillors

Constituents usually come to Dominic as the first point of call, but your local Councillor may also be able to help with many issues.

MPs do not have any jurisdiction over local Council decisions. However, Dominic can write to a local Council and ask them to look into a problem or to reconsider an issue. In the first instance, you should contact your local Council or Councillor.

Who to contact?

Buckinghamshire County Council have responsibility for waste management, education, libraries, social services, transport and roads and consumer protection.

In addition, your District Council also have responsibility for housing, waste collection, council tax collection, local planning, licensing, cemeteries and crematoria. Depending on where you live within the Beaconsfield constituency you will either be covered by South Bucks District Council or Wycombe District Council.

If you are unsure which council area you live in you can find out by entering your postcode here.